Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mangosteen Fruit-Way to improve health and immunity

mangosteen fruit
Fruits are important in the daily diet as they improve overall health and immunity of the body. It is important to eat the right fruits so that they not only provide diet, and also improves the immune system and delays the aging process. One such fruit that offers all these benefits is the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen trees do not grow well in limestone, but seem to thrive in deep, rich organic soil. In India, mangosteen trees are grown on clay containing coarse material and some silt. Being a tropical fruit, the mangosteen tree does not survive at temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The mangosteen fruit is about the size of a tangerine but has a rind like a pomegranate. It is small in size and purple in color, and called as the 'Queen of the Fruits' because of its many benefits .

The mangosteen belongs to a family of plants called Guttiferae.The shrubs of this tree secrets a yellow, resinous juice. The xanthones that are found mostly in the peel and hull of the mangosteen fruit are the most beneficial part of the plant.In fact, each xanthone of the mangosteen plant has a special effect on the body and it has been found that there are a minimum of forty xanthones located in the pericarp or rind of mangosteens.

There are many products made using the mangosteen fruit and claiming mangosteen health benefits, with a few of the most popular ones being the delicious dietary supplement, Xango juice, Vemma mangosteen juice and Thai Go.

Xango Juice is prepared using a proprietary formula and the many benefits of this juice have made it one of the most sought after nutritional supplement in the world. The mangosteen fruit and the xanthones in its pericarp are what make the Vemma mangosteen juice strong in antioxidants. Thai Go is a mangosteen juice that was introduced in 2004 and is still a top seller. Its main ingredient is obviously mangosteen, but it includes other ingredients such as red grapes, grape seeds, wolfberry, blueberries, appleextract,raspberries and green tea.

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