Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Health facts of fruits and veggies

Dieters can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables, under a new system unveiled Monday by Weight Watchers.

The new Points plus System replaces Weight Watchers' Points plan, which has been used by tens of millions. According to Karen Miller-Kovach, the company's chief scientific officer, Weight Watchers wanted to reflect the latest nutrition science. The formula to calculate the new Points Plus values is based on the amounts of protein, fiber and fat in foods. She also said, it also factors in how hard the body has to work to process food into energy.

In the Points Plus system, a medium croissant with a pat of butter gets a 7, 3 oz of ham and one slice of whole wheat toast with a pat of butter gets a 6 where both breakfasts have 270 calories.

Miller-Kovach says, Fresh fruits and most veggies were given zero points so they would be more enticing since most Americans don't eat enough of them.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tips for buying fruits

While shopping fruits from your grocer make sure that you are selecting the best ones so that you enjoy the fruit as well as save your money. Here are some tips which will help you to buy fresh fruits:
  • Bananas should be free from blemishes, bruises and other injuries. Ripe bananas should be firm and bright yellow in color. Do not buy bananas which are overripe.
  • While buying oranges, see to that it is bright orange in color, firm and heavy. Do not buy oranges which are light weight and having rough skin texture since it lacks flesh content and juice.
  • Pineapples should have dark green leaves and must be heavy in size. Larger the fruit, more the edible flesh. It can be ripened quickly by making it stand upside down. Avoid pineapples which have discolored and decayed skin.

  • Buy grapes which are bright colored and firmly attached to the stem. Do not buy soft or wrinkled grapes which are symptoms of decay.
  • Lemons should have firm, smooth and lustrous skin. Smaller and firmer lemons give more juice than larger ones. Avoid lemons having dull yellowish color since they might have high acidity content.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sapodilla health benefits

Sapodilla is a delicious tropical fruit which has season all round the year. The pulp of the fruit is soft and is made up with sugars like fructose and sucrose which rejuvenates the body with energy. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and also has a high content of fiber.

 Not only the fruit, but also the leaves and seeds of sapodilla have medicinal values. Decoction of its leaves cures cough and cold whereas the liquid extracted from crushed seeds removes stones from kidney and bladder and also acts as a medicine in treating venomous stings and bites.

Minerals such as potassium, copper and iron present in sapodilla are very essential for health as they involve in various metabolic activities.Since it has a ratio of good potassium and low sodium level, it reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

The fruit is also rich in vitamin c and vitamin A. vitamin C protects the body by developing resistance against various infectious agents and vitamin A enhances vision and helps in maintaining healthy skin.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 5 healthy fruits

Fruits are not only delicious but also have a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which prevents us from many diseases. All fruits are healthy, but the following are the top five healthiest fruits:


As per the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, it has many health benefits. It also may keep away from asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. Apigenin, an antioxidant that is present in apple suppresses asthma and allergies. Eating an apple a day cuts the risk of mouth cancer. They also help to throttle blood clots and plaque in arteries, which lead to heart disease.
The pectin content in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body which reduces the risk of diabetes.


Banana is a tropical fruit which mainly consists of sugar and fiber acting as a good source of energy. The fiber content in it regulates the bowel movement and helps to cure constipation.  Potassium is present in high amount in bananas which prevents blood pressure; stabilize the heart beat hence acting as a stress reliever.


Apricots are a rich source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber and potassium. Beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body protects the eyes and helps to keep the teeth and bones stronger. The fiber content in it prevents constipation and maintains the digestive track. Vitamin C develops resistance in the body against infectious agents.


Plums have a huge amount of minerals and vitamins which mainly improves the digestive system and immunity against cancer related diseases. Minerals such as potassium, fluoride and iron are present in abundance in plums which is essential for RBC formation and to control blood pressure. Plums also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Strawberries are one of the best health remedies. The anti-oxidant present in them protects us from vision defects. Strawberries are a rich source of iron which is helpful for the proper functioning of brain and nervous system. Also the folate content in it protects from birth-defects.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strawberry health benefits

Strawberry is a bright red colored fruit which is very tempting to eyes.It has a great taste and is commonly liked by everyone. It is an aggregate fruit since it has seeds on outside rather than inside.
Strawberry is a very nutritious fruit which has the ability to clean the blood from harmful toxins. It helps to relieve from high blood pressure since it has a rich content of potassium and magnesium.

The anti-oxidants present in strawberries helps in reducing the risk of cancer and other heart diseases.The ratio of vitamin c content is high in strawberries compared to other nutrients which neutralizes the effect of the oxidants and prevents from infections and cold.

Also the iodine content in strawberry is responsible for proper functioning of brain and nervous system enhances the memory function.

It also has beauty benefits for skin. The strawberry facial mask removes the impurities and reduce the inflammation in the skin.The salicylic acid present in it destroys the dead cells present in the skin thereby making it look brighter and shining.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Avocado health facts

  • Avocados contain vitamin E, lutein and beta-carotene in abundance.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant which prevents the damage of cells and tissues
  • The beta-carotene content in avocados helps to maintain the cholesterol levels.
  • The fat content in it is good for health and it can be given for babies at the initial stage.
  • Avocados raises the level of high density lipoprotein(HDL), which is considered as the bad cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart problems.
  • They contain a healthier monounsaturated fatty acids which absorbs the phytochemicals from other foods and helps in digestion, which also contributes to weight loss.
  • Their potassium content lowers the blood pressure
  • Folate and vitamin k are other important nutrients found in avocados. folate helps in cell development and vitamin k helps in calcium absorption.
  • Avocado is a fruit which has a rich nutrient content consisting of vitamins, minerals and proteins protecting us from a number of diseases.

health facts of lychee fruit

Lychees are brightly colored strawberry shaped fruits with thin large skin and sweet musky aroma.

Health Benifits of Lychee Fruits:
Lychee, Chinese translated the best one as ‘gift for a joyful life’, of course lives up to its name. The lychee fruit contains vitamins and minerals that help a healthy diet, it is sweet and delicious and it has been enjoyed joyfully by natives of southeast Asia for centuries.

Everybody who eats the lychee fruit immediately falls in love with it. But if the information that lychee is so delicious doesn’t not influence you to try it, maybe hearing some of the health benefits of lychee will make you give this tropical fruit a second look

Many studies enclose publicized that eating lychee fruit may reduce the risk of cancer. One such study was a published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology showing that lychee fruit inhibits the construction and development of breast cancel.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Health benefits of kiwi fruit

  • Kiwifruit contains an antimutagenic component, which helps in preventing the mutations of genes that may initiate the cancer process. The presence of glutathione in the fruit also reduces the chances of cancer in the body.
  • The fruit contains ample amounts of Inositol, which, as studies indicate is an excellent way of treating depression
  • Inositol, is a sugar alcohol, which is a naturally occurring substance in in kiwifruit. It plays a substantial role in regulating diabetes. Inositol supplements
  • Inositol also plays a key role in intracellular responses to hormones and neurotransmitters. It acts as a second messenger in cell signaling processes
  • Regular consumption of kiwifruit ensures good Eye Health prevents Macular Degeneration
  • Many scientists believe that the Sodium-to-potassium ratio is critical for heart health. This ratio is extremely favorable in kiwifruit
  • The high content of Vitamin C in the fruit makes it an effective immunity booster
  • Kiwifruit contains the amino acid arginine, a well-known vasodilator that has been used to treat impotency in men
  • Kiwifruit contains a wide range of minerals (electrolytes) essential for replenishing those lost during exercise, especially during hot weather
  • Kiwifruit has the best balance of nutrients per calorie, and thus, is the best fruit to opt for, when on a weight management diet.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grapple fruit

Grapple fruit is a combination of both grapes and apple. Grape + apple= grapple.



The fruit tastes like grape and looks like apple. It is a brand name for Fuji or gala apple and it has been specially treated to make the taste of the fruit flesh looks like a grape. The grapple fruit typically looks large and have a flesh that is sweeter and crisper. The grapple fruit is one of the varieties of Fuji apple.

Grapple fruit

  • It is a cholesterol free fruit that reduces the level of cholesterol
  • Eating this fruit also reduces the chance of cancer
  • When kept at room temperature, this fruit become soft, mealy and mushy
  • The Grapple season begins late October or early November.
  • It gets paired with some cheese varieties for a tasty treat.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fruits carving

A list of fruits carving:

fruit expo 2011

Fruit expo is to be held on Sunday, 16 October 2011 and Monday, 17 October 2011.

Overberg Fruit and Wine expo takes place at the Villiersdorp. It is presented in the year 2011 by Agri Mega as a partner for the Villiersdorp Agricultural Society.

The expo, focusing on the Overberg’s Fruit and Wine industry, will, like the Agri Mega week of the small grain sector, make its mark in the Western Cape.

It promises to be a display window of great substance where producers, input providers and the general public can be interactive to the advantage of all concerned parties. They invite all input and service providers in the fruit and wine industry to get applications forms early and book display and demonstration space to present and market products.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facts of Apple fruit

Apple is a round fruit with firm juicy. It becomes red or yellow skin when ripe. A famous Adam’s apple story tells that in the Garden of Eden, Adam ate a piece of the forbidden fruit that got stuck in his throat. It looks like a small, rounded apple just under the skin in the front of the throat.

Facts of Apple fruit:
  • It contain vitamins like Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, iron and potassium etc.
  • It have very high mineral contents, pectins, malic acid good in normalizing the intestines.
  • Apple Fruit is used for treatment of anaemia, dysentery, heart disease, headache, eye disorders, and kidney stones.
  • Eating and drinking apples and apple juice, in conjunction with a balanced diet, can protect the brain from the effects of oxidative stress.
  • The best known apples are from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh etc. Imported apples like Washington apples and Australian apples are available at big departmental stores.
  • It also represents as a symbol of love and beauty.

The rose apple tree may be merely a shrub but is generally a tree reaching 25 or even 40 ft (7.5-12 m) in height, and has a dense crown of slender, wide-spreading branches, often the overall width exceeding the height.

Velvet Apples are rated short on the glycemic index which means they supply a steady stream of sugar to the blood rather than a sudden point. Other apple nutrition facts point to that apples are a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamins A and C.

Eating fruit and vegetable skin could fight cancer

Eating the skins of fruit and vegetables could boost your dietary intake of vitamins, battle cancer and increase your energy levels. All fruit and vegetables have a bio-synergy; means the nutritional ¬benefits of each part are non-breakable by the others.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is high in antioxidants and have anti-cancer, anti inflammatory and anti allergenic properties. The skin contains three times the antioxidants of the pulp. It fights off bugs such as Staphylococcus and E-coli, responsible for food poisoning.

If regular kiwi skin is too bitter for you, go for gold kiwi fruit, which is sweeter, less hairy skins, but with the same benefits.


Along with fibre and vitamin C, a pineapple’s real benefit lies in an enzyme called bromelain, that breaks down food and dead human tissues linger in the digestive system quickly, and protects the stomach. Don’t panic it’s the tough core of the pineapple, not the prickly skin you should be tucking into. The core of a pineapple contains twice the bromelain concentration of the surrounding fruit.

Press and crush the core and add the juice to smoothies. It can be gristly, but the left-over pulp can be added to soups or casseroles.


Broccoli stalks can be less flavorful than the florets, but they are notably higher in calcium and vitamin C and the stalks are also high in soluble fibre. Those little florets might look more tempting, but there’s every reason to eat the stalks.

Shred the stalks into thin strips and add to stir-fry or serve steamed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

healthy fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are part of a well balanced and healthy eating plan. There are many ways to maintain a healthy weight. Using more fruits and vegetables along with whole grain, nuts, and beans is a healthy one. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and also other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other substances that are significant for good health.

Follow the below tips to cut calories and eat fruits and vegetables throughout your day:

  • Substitute some spinach, onions, or mushrooms for one of the eggs in your morning omelet.
  • Substitute vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, or onions for 2 ounces of the cheese and 2 ounces of the meat in your sandwich.
  • Add a cup of chopped vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, beans, or red peppers, in place of 2 ounces of the meat.