Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What fruits can a diabetic eat?

Diabetics usually avoid eating fruit because of the high sugar content present in most of the fruits. But fortunately, there are fruits that do not affect the blood glucose level which a diabetic can enjoy.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat which helps to increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. This reduces the risk of heart diseases which is more common to diabetics. Also the vitamin E content found in avocados reduces the nerve damage in diabetic patients. But it should be consumed cautiously since the fat content in it may lead to obesity and complicate diabetes. Half of the medium-sized avocados can be served for diabetics.

Grapefruits are good in treating diabetes. The rich amount of antioxidant in it lowers the blood sugar levels. Naringenin which is found in grapefruit never hinders the insulin production, in turn increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It also promotes weight loss which is a vital part in diabetes treatment. Grapefruit shows better results when consumed during meal times.

Apples are proved beneficial in curing diabetes because of its rich pectin content which improves the glycemic control in diabetic patients. It also decreases the insulin requirements of the body by up to 50%. Apples are abundant in Myricetin, a plant polyphenol which protects the diabetic Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and reduces the risk of diabetes.

So next time when you visit a diabetic friend, gift him these fruits which might help your friend to fight against the complications of diabetes.

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