Thursday, December 29, 2011

Healthy Summer Snacks in favor of Kids

With summer around the corner, lots of parents are trying to put together a healthier diet for their babies. All of us know that meals a day won't continue to grow children nutritionally satisfied all day. Children always ask their parents for a snack. It is a part of their every day method.

Some fun and healthy snacks contain, fruit smoothies, trail mix, whole grain muffin, low fat microwave popcorn, and string cheese. For example, you can place on the table in small bowls some cheerios, dried fruit, chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips, and along with your child generate his own trail mix. This way the child concentrates more on the fun part of generating the snack and less on the fruits nutrition.

The same idea goes for fruit. You can let your child be creative by allowing him to select and select his favorite fruits. One time your child has selected the fruit; you can generate a smoothie, add the fruit in to vanilla yogurt, or even melt some dark chocolate to dip the fruit. The possibilities are limitless. When it comes down to children and food always try to keep snack time fun and fascinating.

You ought to also keep in mind to always incorporate something that you know the kid enjoys eating in to the new healthy snack. There's lots of healthy foods out there that are delicious; the trick however is in the way you present these foods to children.

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  1. Fruits should be introduced to children at very young age so that they can grow healthy and become a stronger adult. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post.

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