Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fruits and Personality Character

If you are absolutely in love with apples then you are an overgenerous, impulsive and outspoken person. Most of the times you don't think two times before you take decisions and although you might not be the best organizer, you definitely are a nice team leader.

If you are a banana lover then you are a soft person by heart. You are loving, gentle, hot and sympathetic. You are also timid by nature.

A black grapes lover is calm and a polite person. These people love all forms of beauty and are warm and expressive by nature. They also have a taste for life and enjoy everything they do.

If cherry is something you love then probably life might not be sweet for you every time. You would face plenty of ups and downs most often in your professional life. Other than this, you would be a loyal and an honest partner who also loves to be surrounded by his loved ones.

 A mango lover is a person with fixed ideas and cannot be basically influenced. Such people are mostly thought about extremists and like to control situations. Although you are very strong elsewhere, when it comes to home you are timid and soft.

If you love oranges then you are that has an enduring patience and willpower. Such people like to do things slowly, are shy but very reliable. These people also avoid conflicts at all costs.

A who likes papaya is truly a courageous who takes everything in stride. These people have a great sense of humor and are kind by nature. They also enjoy meeting new people and have the talent of being in the right place at the right time.

People who love this fruit are fast to pick and even faster to make changes. They are self-reliant, honest and honest.

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