Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jostaberry facts

Jostaberry, cross between a gooseberry and a black currant. Jostaberry was under development for more than 30 years by the late Dr. Rudolph Bauer in West Germany.
Black Currant


This plant is a complex cross, but the result is a totally new berry that combines the best qualities of both parents. The objective in developing the Jostaberry fruit was

To create a good quality berry
A higher yielding berry than the currant
A thorn-free plant
A plant with immunity to or resistance against various diseases

Dr. Bauer achieved these goals. The Jostaberry has a new flavor bringing out the best of a gooseberry with the mild hint of black currant. The gooseberry thorns are gone; immunity or resistance against major diseases is built-in, and the production is higher than either of its parents.

Jostaberries are high in vitamin C and are excellent for eating, juicing, freezing and processing.

The plant needs a lighter soil with high organic content; mulch also is recommended. The Jostaberry is winter hardy for a location such as Colorado, though it's recommended that in areas that reach below -25 degrees F, a trial planting be conducted first.

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