Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why eating fruits and vegetables are so beneficial?

Eating more fruits and veggies could helps in following ways:

  • It reduces the risk of chronic diseases like high blood Pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancers.
  • It’s the most important cancer prevention strategy, after stopping smoking.
  • It protects against strokes by up to 40%
  • It delay in the development of cataracts, reducing the symptoms of asthma, improving bowel function and better management of diabetes
  • It helps to reduce the overall calorie density, which helps us to maintain a healthier weight.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins, minerals, fibre and also wide range plant nutrients and phytochemicals like flavonoids, glucosinolates and phytooestrogens.
  • It helps to reduce damage to cell DNA and cell membranes.
  • The phytochemicals and plant nutrients act together to provide us with the protective benefits of fruits and vegetables.
  • Higher consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
  • An increase in fruit and vegetable intake can help lower blood pressure.
  • Eating fruit and vegetables can help to achieve other dietary goals including increasing fiber intake, reducing fat intake, help maintain a healthy weight, and substituting for foods with added sugars.

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