Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Health facts of fruits and veggies

Dieters can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables, under a new system unveiled Monday by Weight Watchers.

The new Points plus System replaces Weight Watchers' Points plan, which has been used by tens of millions. According to Karen Miller-Kovach, the company's chief scientific officer, Weight Watchers wanted to reflect the latest nutrition science. The formula to calculate the new Points Plus values is based on the amounts of protein, fiber and fat in foods. She also said, it also factors in how hard the body has to work to process food into energy.

In the Points Plus system, a medium croissant with a pat of butter gets a 7, 3 oz of ham and one slice of whole wheat toast with a pat of butter gets a 6 where both breakfasts have 270 calories.

Miller-Kovach says, Fresh fruits and most veggies were given zero points so they would be more enticing since most Americans don't eat enough of them.

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