Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebrate Your Holiday with Delicious Fruit Festival

Fruits are the delicious part of your celebrations with your family and friends. Moderation is the key – combining new and healthy dishes with favorite foods and recipes can help you maintain your traditions and add to them.

People are going to eat whatever you set out! People do not generally pay close attention to what they eat and how much they eat at holiday gatherings.

Arrange colorful raw vegetables and fruit on a platter with yogurt or cottage cheese dip. Use the 50% rule: cover 50% of the food table with fruit and vegetable dishes.

Make fruit kabobs with chunks of pineapples, melon, and strawberries.

Create snacks mix using nuts, raisins, and pretzels.

Make colorful, edible centerpieces made out of oranges, apples, grapes, tangerines, and other seasonal fruits.

As alcoholic drinks, especially alcoholic punches, tend to be high in calories, offer no- and lower-calorie drinks like diet sodas, mineral water with a lime twist, coffee, or holiday punch made with fruit juices and soda or sparkling water.

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