Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Increase eating of fruits and vegetables for weight loss

Eat 100 grams of fruits and vegetables and extra each day could lose 300 grams. For the purpose of the study, 80 fat people, aged 30 to 65, were followed for six months. 

A collection increased its intake of fruits and vegetables, and another has nothing changed in his diet. 

From the observations of scientists, an increase of 100 grams of every day consumption of fruits and vegetables mean a loss of 300 grams of a person's weight. 
fruits and vegetables
Regarding vegetables only, an increase of 100 grams of this expenditure would reduce the weight of 500 grams. 

Eat more fiber, vitamins C and B6, beta-carotene and folate is also related with weight loss. 

The fibers have a significant effect on body weight: An increase of one gram every day consumption would correspond to a weight loss from 115 to 180 pounds after six months.

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