Monday, June 18, 2012

Important fruits in favor of diabetic patients

Diabetes is caused outstanding to metabolic disorder in the body. Diabetes can be controlled by having healthy diet and correct life style. Most of the fruits for the diabetic patients are simple to digest, having high fiber content, low overweight and are lovely sources of vitamins and minerals. Some of the fruits health facts for diabetic patients,

1. Grapefruit: These fruits lower the blood sugar levels. Insulin production in the body is not delayed at all by any of the ingredients of the grapefruits. It is better to eat the grapefruit than having the juice of it.
2. Oranges: Oranges have fiber and vitamin C which is helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. The overweight content is low so orange is helpful in controlling the weight of a person which is also of the causes of diabetes.

3. Indian blackberry: This fruit is helpful in controlling diabetes. The seeds are stuck and consumed by the diabetic patients to control the blood sugar level.

Some of the other fruits for diabetic patients are cherries, avocado, olive, kiwifruit, apricot, pears, pomegranates, lime, watermelon, plums, papaya, muskmelon and apple. Some fruits which have high sugar and fat content must be avoided by the diabetic people. These fruits are banana, mango, peach, custard apple and grapes. Proper diet beside with regular exercise can help a diabetic patient to live a healthy life.

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