Friday, January 18, 2013

Dry Fruits: A Source of Power

Raisins are the dried fruits kind of grapes. It offers iron to your body and then increases the level of blood within your body. Raisins are also helpful in anemia and putting on weight. 

Milk, combined with grinded almonds, is more digestive and nourishing for that growth of kids. Almonds generate new blood cells and boost the hemoglobin of human body. They support the muscles and help various areas of bodies such as heart, brain, liver and nerves to operate in an efficient way. 

Dates is rich give of glucose and fructose, the natural sugar. Soak up in the water in the work of the night and then grind it within the same after removing seeds. Go times a week and it will help make your heart and muscles strong. 

Cashew Nuts 
Actually seeds from the cashew apple, these kidney-shaped nuts are filled with various vital nutrients. The mono-unsaturated fats contained in the fruit, help fight against heart diseases. 

Having anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, a regular consumption of walnuts indicates to reduce the chances of getting cancer, breast and cancer of the prostate.

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