Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is Grape Seed Extract Nice for Allergies

A popular home cure for this issue is to take grapes fruit seed extract. In the coursework of the past years, various studies have shown the beneficial effects that grape seed extract has on allergy. The latest study says that supplementation with grape seed eases hay fever signs like a runny or stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes. 

Many doctors advocate the use of grapes fruit seed extract for allergies because it is a natural treatment that has only a few side effects and is usually safe to make use of. 
Grapes fruit
Researchers think antioxidant compounds called anthocyanidins and flavonoids present in vegetables and fruits such as grapes and pine bark are what make grape seed extract so effective. Lots of allergy sufferers have reported significant relief using grape seed extract. 

Herbal products are widely used by consumers as options to prescription drugs in treating allergy signs such as sneezing, congestion and other hallmarks of an allergic reaction. In the event you suffer from allergies, then it may be time to trade in your traditional allergy medication for something present in nature like grape seed extract.

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