Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foods so as to Promote Weight-Loss - Fruits

Fruits are full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber - everything you require to stay healthy and lose fat. It is fast and simple to digest and because it is so quickly absorbed you will soon feel the energy boosting health benefits. It is healthy - start your day with foods that promote weight loss. 

Peaches are rich in Vitamin A which is ideal for cell reproduction, growth and development of our bones and teeth, and maintaining healthy skin and hair. 

Often served as a salad ingredient, avocado contains nutrients such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C and copper. 
Weight Loss Fruits
Every bite of this delicious fruit contains folic acid which is vital for proper cell growth and development of embryos. 

Oranges contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which is an important anti-oxidant, reducing the growth of harmful diseases, like cancer. 

This golden fruit is a great source of the potassium that our body requirements to balance water, cells and other body fluids. 

They contain compounds to fight diseases. These substances are known to show cancer preventive properties, and can detoxify some cancer causing substances.

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