Monday, May 14, 2012

The Symptoms that can point out an apple allergy

Apple fruit allergies are chiefly centered on pollen, most apple allergy reactions occur after eating a fresh apple and other parts of the fruits such as the hazelnut and peach. Only raw fruit, and not apples that have been pasteurized and cooked, will have an effect on persons who are liable to have an apple allergy. 

According to indicators like sneezing and runny nose can also occur in the work of an apple allergic reaction. This type of reaction can be brought on by the skin of the fruit making contact with the face or the skin on the hands. This contact can be made basically from peeling the fruit. 

Itching may even be a sign that an apple was eaten. Swelling of the gums, tongue & lips and also tingling may accompany the itching. Risky swelling may appear around the throat as well, and the danger of asphyxiation may occur. Anaphylaxis is an extreme condition that may cause difficulty in breathing, nausea as well as low blood pressure. 

For some persons, abdominal pain and diarrhea may occur. The allergy sometimes can have such an acute effect on the gastrointestinal structure that bloody faces may result.

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