Friday, July 15, 2011

Facts Of Japanese Wineberry

Facts Of Japanese Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius)

It’s a delicious wineberry and unusual berry that’s no more difficult to grow than a raspberry.

The wineberry is native to Korea, China and Japan. The vigorous deciduous shrub grows up to 8-10ft tall. It’s perfect for growing against a fence. It produces large trusses of sweet orange red to dark red berries of delicious flavor.

The stems are grown up well in winter, usually when sunlight strikes them. It is biennial as like raspberry where the canes grow one year and fruit the next. It consists of emerald green leaves that grow up to 18cm long. It composed of three, coarsely toothed, rounded, ovate or heart-shaped leaflets.

In early summer it produces small, star-like, whitish-pink and self-fertile flowers. In early August it produces small, glistening, conical and orange-red fruit. These fruits are almost surrounded by the calyx until they are ripe. You can possibly cook them in the same way as like raspberries.

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