Monday, May 6, 2013

Dried Fruits - An Important Component

Dry fruits are high in fiber content, potassium and iron which help in maintaining a healthy digestive method. They also help in relieving constipation, lower blood pressure and maintenance stomach full when on a diet or in between meals. While eating some dried fruit in lieu of munching cookies, candies and other oily snacks are a great alternative, it is always better to stick to a fresh fruit as much as feasible. 

Dry fruits
Thus ought to be cautious before grabbing their box of dry fruits. In the coursework of the pre-treatment and dehydration method there is a lot of loss in nutritional value. Cup of a dried fruit has about thrice the calorie content of about ¼ cup of its original fruit. Thus in the event that they are not consumed limitedly, they can basically increase body weight. But if used in proper quantity it can also help to control weight. Servings of fruits a day can help have lower weights and dried fruits can be a simple way to fill this gap. 

Dried fruits may even be chopped and filled at the centre of apples before baking, used in fruit cakes, and added to your breakfast oatmeal to make it a healthy snack. 

It is important to check the inside of the dry fruit when bought. Look for frozen dried versions with no sugar or preservatives. There may even be a little amount of oil content in your dry fruits which helps to prevent the fruit from clumping.


  1. There are some medicinal properties of dried fruits.

  2. A great way to prevent cardiovascular problems, dry fruits and nuts help reduce the risk of coronary heart problems. Nuts such as cashews contain mono-unsaturated fats, or the good fat that promote cardiovascular health.

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