Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Dates

Owing to great fruit health benefits of dates, plenty of doctors recommend to have a tiny amount of dates every day. Even people suffering from diabetes can have 1-2 dates regularly, and think us it won't increase your sugar level! A single date contains about 23 calories and the lovely news is that it contains no cholesterol, so you can have the sweet fruit even in the event you are on a weight control program! 

We bring you the health benefits of dates: 

Constipation: Dates have a laxative effect. Individuals who suffer from constipation can soak dates in water overnight and can have it in the morning. Dates fruit are a lovely source of protein, dietary fiber and essential nutrients. The fiber content that you can get in few grams of dates can help you to overcome the issue of constipation. 

Night blindness: Dates are rich in vitamin A and it also has antioxidant properties. Vitamin A is necessary in defending you against night blindness. 
Dates Fruit
Pregnancy: Dates are highly recommended for ladies who are pregnant and with low hemoglobin level. The fruit is rich in calcium, manganese, phosphorous and selenium. These minerals are essential for proper growth of the fetus. Dates are an excellent source of iron. 

Osteoporosis: Nowadays, plenty of people complain about joint pain and osteoporosis. Both these health issue occur when your body has low calcium levels. Dates have a nice amount of calcium. Eating a few grams of dates can fulfill your every day calcium requirement and can help you treat osteoporosis and joint pain. 

Intestinal disorders: Dates have a nice amount of calcium, vitamin B5, dietary fiber, vitamin B3, phosphorous, fats, potassium and copper. These vitamins are very beneficial in treating intestinal disorders. So, in the event you are suffering from intestinal disorders, start eating dates regularly. 

Tooth decay: Tooth decay is issue that most of us suffer from. Dates can prevent tooth decay and dental sign. It is because the fruit is rich in fluorine. This mineral is effective to maintain healthy teeth.

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