Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Keep Fruits Fresh Past Cutting?

Ideally you ought to seldom keep cut fruits for a long time. In such cases there is a necessity to store these fruits in a healthy way so that they do not dry or get brown. Here are quantities of the best tips to be used at home for keeping the fruits fresh for long. 

Apple: Take the apple pieces and cover them with some apple cider vinegar and then keep it in a container. This is of the best tips to be used at home to keep the apples fresh. 

Avocado: As soon as you cut an avocado and do not need to eat the whole of it then sprinkle some lemon juice on it. After this store up the avocados in the refrigerator inside an airtight container. This will keep the avocado fresh for a long time. 

Guava: One you can smear some lime juice on the guava pieces that will keep it fresh and the other is, you can sprinkle some jalapeno pepper on the top of the guava pieces to keep this fruit fresh. 

Papaya: Keep the pieces of a papaya fresh by wrapping them in a neat paper sheet. Keep this in a refrigerator thereafter and best way to store papayas fresh for a very long time. 

Lemon: After cutting a lemon keeps it in a polythene bag and ties a knot. This keeps the lemon fresh and juicy for the next few days. 

Watermelon: The simplest way to keep this fruit fresh is by keeping the pieces of watermelon in an airtight plastic container. You may also stay chunks of the watermelon after cutting them in a plastic sheet and keep the fruit fresh. 

Pineapple: Pineapple pieces can be kept fresh for lots of days in case you store them in an airtight plastic container. This will help the fruit retain its moisture and stay fresh for long.

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