Monday, April 16, 2012

Health tips to make your children be happy and enjoy lovely food

With a tiny thought it is feasible to give children fabulous tasty food & snacks and the nutrition they need. For example, watermelon makes a nourishing, healthy, tasty snack. Watermelon will also keep your children from getting dehydrated in the hot summer months as it is 92% water.

Watermelon fruit is a great source of vitamins A, B6, & C, and serving provides 80 calories of energy and even 7% of the USRDA of potassium. It contains no overweight at all and the lycopene in it gives it a lovely red color. Lycopene is an antioxidant that will help you stay healthy and fight disease.
A great snack for the whole relatives, and what was a summer fruit of choice, watermelon is now available year round. Watermelon is flexible and is great with any meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a nice snack for the whole relatives. Plain watermelon is tasty by itself.

For birthdays and formal dinners, the beauty of a well carved watermelon is a lovely addition. Kid's parties can be livened up with a small hard work and the insides can be used to add color and value to your salads and desserts. You can make the inside of the carved watermelon stunning by livening things up with a fruit salad of blueberries, green grapes, orange segments, bits of apple, balls of cantaloupe ,etc.

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